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Vanity Fair

When all guest rooms and most areas had  “their” artist, the time had come to Vanity Fair. This is our very special room for 90 people – used for weddings with dancing and fun, meetings and conferences. Not least, Moss Industry Association holds all there meetings here.

Hotel Refsnes Gods is based on rich industrial traditions, and therefore this was the room decorated by Steinar Christensen with a tribute to 10 of the past, present and future of manufacturing in Moss. It is done in his typical sensual and industrially muscular way.

The process leading to selection of these 10 industrial companies was comprehensive in that two representatives from the industry in Moss (Jan Sannem and Kristian Oppegård) put up a list of the 40-50 most important business after 150 years, then went to a vote in the rest of Mosse industry. Then Steinar Christensen connected to the photographer Gunnar Mjaugedal to perform all the photographic work, and art historian Arnt Fredheim documented the process that resulted in a book about the Refsnes-frieze

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