Art in the hotel

Over 400 original works of art

Refsnes Gods has been characterized by hospitality since the 18th century. Hospitality with us includes an atmosphere characterized by historical buzz, top-class service, food and wine, “wrapped” in both modern and classic artistic expressions. It is always a point when the art collection has been purchased, to bring out the breadth and variety of contemporary art. The artists and their works are at least as different as the guests.

It must be exciting to open the door to the room for the first time, how is “my” room’s artist? All 61 rooms have their own artist and are thus a small gallery.

The hotel has over 400 original works of art by more than 90 artists.
Restaurant Munch is decorated with Edvard Munch’s pictures and at the reception you will find Inger Sitter, Victor Sparre and Andy Warhol. The bar is decorated with  Lise Malinowsky’s colorful pictures inspired by the film about Queen Victoria’s life. Here you can relax in our deep lounges or in English leather chairs in front of the fireplace. Either in good company or alone with a good book.

Elisabeth Werp writes in a comment to the hotel that “Art is important, among other things, because it can open the way between the earthly and sensual, to the spiritual and what we only sense. It can provide experiences that elevate man above matter”. The perception of art and what is good and bad art is very subjective, and is influenced by the individual’s upbringing, background and personal preferences. Leonardo da Vinci said: “There is no great art without true love of humanity” and “In life, beauty perishes, but not in art.” The term contemporary art refers to contemporary art. Contemporary art is often a reaction to and development of an earlier style or direction, in that the art comments on the development. This can happen by the artist giving his opinion on a topic or by making us think. What characterizes the works of art from our time is the amount of different styles and techniques. Therefore, the expression “contemporary art” today functions more as a collective term than a style designation. We see this clearly in the hotel, which among our over 400 works of art has paintings and photographs on glass, steel, plastic boxes, paper and canvas with countless combinations of techniques.

“Nora dances the tarantella”

The first thing you encounter when you look out from the hotel towards the garden and the sea is the bronze sculpture by Nina Sundby. The sculpture is approximately 150 cm high, and in 2006 was part of the tour that went around the world in connection with the marking of 100 years since Henrik Ibsen died.

The book about art and history from Refsnes Gods

We are proud to be able to present Refsnes God’s art book, which shows our unique collection of Norwegian contemporary art. At Refsnes Gods there are around 400 original works by both new and well-established artists. In our art book, you can read more about our 90 artists and their works of art, including Ørnulf Opdahl, Runi Langum, Frans Widerberg, Håkon Gullvåg, Elisabeth Werp, Carl Nesjar, Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch, Håkon Bleken, Nico Widerberg, Yngve Henriksen, Frede Schilling, Nina Sundbye and Roar Werner Eriksen.

The art book can be obtained by contacting reception.